Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can be caused by many reasons and can occur in different forms. A diaper rash, dermatitis can develop on anyone’s skin. It can be a baby or an adult. The baby’s skin is more delicate than an adult, and because the skin is in contact with the diaper, urine and other things it is more prone to irritation. Most babies get diaper rash, and it doesn’t mean that the parent is not taking care of the baby. However, there are simple ways you can prevent that from happening.

Try to change the diaper often. Wash the baby’s skin between changes. Put cream that contains zinc that forms a barrier to the skin and helps the skin stay healthy. Always make sure the baby’s skin is dry as moisture can cause irritation and can also create a friendly environment for germs. Also, change the brands of diapers to see if the baby’s skin is sensitive to a particular material, fragrance or powder the diaper uses.

So let’s put all the steps together if the diaper rash develops.

1. Wash the area with plain water and a mild soap.
2. Apply the zinc cream.
3. Avoid baby wipes to clean the baby as they may have lotions and scents that can have the opposite effect.
4. Try Switching the Diaper to another Brand
5. Let the baby air out without the diaper when you can

However, if the diaper rash is severe or if it gets worse, you will need to ask your doctor for treatment. If the rash expands to other areas, a develop of dermatitis may form so again you will need medical advice. Don’t neglect it because it can cause pain and discomfort to your baby.